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Tangerine Haze


Tangerine Haze


  g ¼ ½ oz

Strain Type



Original Soma Seeds New York City Diesel x G-13/Haze

Strain Story

Scott of Rare Dankness, speaking on the strain's genesis:


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, bred and selected in North America by the "Devil's Harvest Krew"


A very special phenotype of Soma's original NYCD x G-13/Haze, Tangerine Haze was discovered by the Devil's Harvest Krew in 2003-04 and has since become something of a legend, especially in Colorado.  The plant is one of the most uncanny-smelling fruity strains on the planet, smelling and tasting exactly like a freshly-peeled tangerine, down to the sensation of the semi-bitter skin.  It grows tall and vigorously, forming strong creamy-orange colas that perfume the room.


The smell of Tangerine Haze is legendary as being one of the few fruit-named strains that is a perfect replica of its namesake, filling the sinuses with a pungent and uncanny tangerine smell with a floral backdrop.  If it's let go beyond 65 days, it often takes on an astringent quality, so most growers like to take her down early if anything.


The flavor is almost more tangerine-heavy than the scent, even going as far as to give the flavor of the semi-bitter skin or citrus zest along with the fresh citrus attack.  The flavor tends to linger in the mouth and sinuses for a long time after consumption, which increases the already amazing taste appeal of this strain.

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