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Finding the Right CBD Products for YOU

Here at Green Dream, we get a lot of questions regarding CBD. And that’s a good thing! Is it best to eat it? Do you smoke it? What is a CBD syringe??


The expanding world of CBD can be a bit intimidating. Plus, you can’t ask many qualified medical professionals for helpful advice when sourcing CBD as medicine or leisure. So we thought it might be best to just explain what works best for us and what Green Dream staff members have learned from patients who have had symptom-relief after using our CBD products.


CBD oil may be taken by just about anybody. In fact, some veterinarians have recommended CBD for their pets. When customers or medical patients ask us how to medicate their pet, we refer them to some of the existing guides that might lend some advice, and our own blog, which contains some important information before administering any drugs on cats and dogs. In any case, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you (or any animal) high. Because of that, it might be hard to see any relief right away. The trick is finding a low price CBD product that you can increase dosage with to find intended results.


CBD is a very potent antioxidant and neuroprotectant. These claims are about the only ones that the United States federal government will acknowledge when it comes to the medicinal power of cannabis. While the trend of ignoring the potential of cannabis is slowly reversing, CBD seems to be caught up in the middle of it all.


Many manufacturers that sell “CBD hemp oil” on the common marketplace (i.e. use only sterilized seeds or mature hemp stalks to extract CBD. While hemp oil is one of the most nutritious fats that you can consume (Hemp oil is a great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids), the amount of CBD in these oils is negligible. Hemp seeds and hemp stalks produce very few cannabinoids compared to the flowers, which the federal government prohibits under the Controled Substances Act.


Luckily, Green Dream offers a bit of relief from the confusion. We offer a few different CBD products at our recreational and medical stores. On the recreational side, many customers enjoy brands such as Mary’s Medicinals, RX Green, Wana, and Keef Cola - Oil Stix for their CBD capsules, edibles and oils.


For medical patients, the diversity of CBD options is unparalleled in Colorado. Green Dream offers the most CBD products in Boulder and we even offer pure, whole plant CBD-rich extract produced with our very own flowers. This pure oil is in the form of CO2 in oral syringes. The oil may be applied directly to the mouth, vaporized or diluted in cooking or massage oils. Medicine Woman and Charlotte’s Web are Green Dream’s two super-rich CBD oils. Both of these strains contain about 20:1 CBD to THC and each gram of cannabis oil contains about 700-900 mg of cannabinoids. Our Oil Stix CO2 CBD oil contains no additives! The rest of the weight is made up of lipids, waxes, terpenes and other biochemicals natural to the cannabis plant that may assist in symptom relief.


Other CBD rich strains are Good Medicine, Charlotte’s Cookies, and Tora Bora. These strains contain a varied spectrum of CBD to THC and may provide symptom relief for different ailments. Even then, strains with nearly the same CBD:THC ratios may have different results. For example, although they contain nearly the same cannabinoid ratios, some patients have described Charlotte’s Web as more effective against seizures than Medicine Woman. By the same account, some people describe Good Medicine as more effective against cancer than Tora Bora, even though their THC levels are comparable. The secret is in the small variables only detectable in pure whole plant cannabis extracts.


In the end, buying hemp oil from unverified sources can be dangerous. Most hemp is produced outside of the United States and some isn’t even regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. At Green Dream, we feel that medicine should be local and accessible. If you suffer from one of the 11 debilitating conditions recognized by the Colorado Department of Health to qualify for medical cannabis, acquiring a Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Card is a simple process.

Need help acquiring your favorite CBD strains? Just drop us a line or email us and Green Dream will happily assist you.