Green Dream Changed Their Logo!

If you follow us on social media, you've probably noticed a change. That's right, Green Dream has changed their logo! But that's not the only change. Green Dream is about to expand to double in size! As owner Travis Howard put it, "With luck and fingers crossed, construction will begin this summer." A two-month process after the green light is given by the city, Green Dream will have, at the end of renovation, 4 more budtender registers. No more long wait lines! There will be a much more open atmosphere to the entire unit complete with handicap accessible bathrooms.  

The City of Boulder is currently engaged with their final review of the permit application submitted by Green Dream and construction is set to begin immediately after approval. This process has been long, and it's not over, but progress is made every day towards making Green Dream's quality cannabis more widely available. Regulatory obstacles have been encountered along the way. For instance, Green Dream must use dual separate HVAC systems and electrical panels that need to be installed during construction, firewalls must be built, and an array of small, but manageable tasks the City of Boulder is requiring to be met have been researched and implemented into the permit application. All regulations are rooted in security, safety, and fairness, though, so the challenge of compliance is after all very rewarding and necessary.  

Green Dream is proud to do it the right way and continues to lead in regulatory compliance. Coupled with Colorado's premier flowers and concentrates, Green Dream is set to advance the bar of standards even higher and continue to be the State's connoisseur destination for Hand Raised Cannabis™. So as things move around the shop and construction begins, rest assured that Green Dream is committed to the same patient experience and quality product that you've always enjoyed there.

About the logo: The staff at Green Dream discussed ways to show the quality, message and atmosphere that they stand for as a company in one sleek image. The old logo was great; I mean that D-leaf is pretty clever. But it didn't display what Green Dream stands for. Green Dream's bottom line: Link the best Hand Raised Cannabis™ in Colorado with an inclusive and inviting customer atmosphere. As you can see, the logo is one line connecting a plant leaf with a cloud. We are all connected and the customers Green Dream is privileged to serve have made the company what it is today. There's no limit to dreams and the staff at Green Dream found the cloud to best represent ideas, motivations and commitments to each other as a kind and growing community. The Dream Team hopes you appreciate that approach as Green Dream continues to supply the best possible cannabis to all its visitors. The logo will be printed on t-shirts, hats, stickers and all kinds of goodies that will soon be available to purchase and give away.

It won't be long before you see the new logo everywhere. A new website is set for release and Green Dream merchandise will be available before you know it. Let's hope for a productive summer and let's see this through together! Green Dream thanks you for your support through the years and invites you to enjoy the next rewarding chapter ahead.

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I notice a clear difference in aromatics between Green Dream and most other spots I’ve tried in Colorado