EvoLabs Distillate is Available at Green Dream!

Have you tried EvoLabs Distillate yet? If not, you’re missing out. Green Dream is proud to announce that their products are now available in the store on both the medical and recreational shelves. If you’re a medical patient, you definitely have to try out Alchemy, the most advanced THC distillate around. The team at EvoLabs extracts THC from top quality flowers, as well as terpenes and other critical compounds found in the raw cannabis plant. Then, after the THC has been completely isolated, EvoLabs reintroduces real cannabis terpenes back into the distillate. The result is a smooth, flavorful vaporizing experience. Alchemy is available in pre packaged cartridges that fit many standard “screw in” vaporizer pens. But that’s not all that makes Alchemy easy to access. The cartridges specific to EvoLabs design are able to be refilled. Green Dream also has refill syringes to allow for convenient bulk purchases. Each syringe is 1000 mg (1 full gram) and is made entirely of glass. That means you can gently heat the syringe to get every last drop of Alchemy. We must say, it is the easiest and most efficient syringe we have come across.


For recreational cannabis customers, EvoLabs has the perfect item. It’s called Chroma. Chroma from EvoLabs is a pure THC distillate. With no added terpenes or additives at all it is simply the purest distillate available. The chroma cartridge is filled with 500 mg (½ gram) of THC distillate. In fact, Alchemy is just Chroma plus natural cannabis terpenes. The EvoLabs Chroma cartridge fits on many simple vapor pens just like the Alchemy cartridge. If you don’t have a vaporizer pen, don’t worry! EvoLabs even offers a completely disposable vaporizer pen with a preloaded amount of distillate.  The disposable EvoLabs distillate pen is available to recreational customers at Green Dream too!


It all starts with quality distillate and that is what EvoLabs delivers.  Each item is quality controlled and is satisfaction guaranteed by EvoLabs. The team at Green Dream understands what quality is, and we are proud to say that EvoLabs is doing a great job at supplying the people of Colorado with amazing cannabis concentrates. Beyond shatter, budder, wax or any other hash oil, distillate is a highly viscous, yellow-orange liquid. Nearly 100% cannabinoids, cannabis distillate is extremely potent. Many users identify it as the strongest hash available. Even so, many users also describe a different effect than standard cannabis concentrates. We at Green Dream find that the ease and comfortability of operating a vaporizing pen is more controllable and convenient than other methods of consumption. The specially designed EvoLabs cartridge is intended to give users a guided and controlled dose of cannabinoids, purely and discretely.


EvoLabs isn’t available at just any dispensary. Green Dream is the only dispensary in the area that offers this line of products. If you haven’t tried it yet, hurry in. We anticipate a healthy and strong relationship with the EvoLabs company because they have a reliable, guaranteed, pure product. In this world, what more can you ask for? Green Dream’s hand raise cannabis philosophy integrates with EvoLabs production and distillation technique. You can learn more about the technology that EvoLabs employs, as well as their unique approach to cannabis concentrates at http://www.evolab.com/blog/

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