CBD Strains at Green Dream

CBD Strains

CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, is becoming widely popular among those with debilitating medical conditions including those with PTSD and children with epilepsy, nutritionists, and those seeking a less buzzy, more grounded cannabis experience. It is quickly gaining the attention of doctors, the media, and lawmakers that are piggybacking their election campaign on legalization. It can be suggested that it won’t be long before the whole nation is able to grow pure CBD strains. There is a federal bill co-sponsored by over a dozen House representatives in Congress that is aimed at legalizing CBD right now.  Cannabis, and CBD particularly, is becoming a household name.

Green Dream is proud to offer a versatile collection of CBD dominant strains. Each one exhibits traits unique to the strain and offer differing medicinal properties. Some are extremely fragrant, indicating a prevalence of medicinal terpenes. Others are sparse in trichome coverage while growing and offer subdued psychoactive medicinal benefits and some are very potent, high-dose sources of CBD and thus have been made famous for treating hundreds, if not thousands, of patients nationwide. Peter Fowler, from the Green Dream garden, was kind to give us the following scoop on each differing strain available at Green Dream Health Services.

AC/DC: 20:1 CBD

AC/DC is a phenotype of Cannatonic. In the garden, AC/DC is a bushy sativa. Its leaves are so thin they feel like feathers when you brush against them. This cut has been circulating through California for several years. AC/DC smells like lemongrass and fresh hay. It is one of just a few CBD strains proven to finish in flower without a tendency to self polinate and thus it is sought after for concentrates and fresh herbs.

Charlotte’s Cookies: 2:1 CBD

We believe Charlotte’s Cookies is a Girl Scout Cookies s1 x New Jack City, but we aren’t 100% sure because the original may have been mislabeled. It grows very similar to Girl Scout Cookies, with a slightly more sativa bud structure. The leaves are very jagged and they always have more fingers than the traditional Girl Scout Cookies. It’s always very surprising that it smells like cheese when dry because it smells like berries and cream before harvest. At only 8 % CBD and 4% THC by weight, this flower is less potent than the traditional collection at Green Dream but offers a low-psychoactive yet flavorful experience. Charlotte’s Cookies is found occasionally on the flower menu at Green Dream and is often used for oil processing to give THC-heavy extracts a wider spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Tora Bora: 2:1 CBD

Tora Bora is Reserva Privada’s L.A. Confidential crossed with X18. It was not intended to be a CBD strain but the old school genetics of L.A. Confidential (pure Afghan) and X18 (pure Pakistani) has led at least one high CBD phenotype to be isolated and grown medicinally. Tora Bora grows very vigorously with Pakistani dominant structure and hand grenade size flowers that resemble Afghan buds but bigger and looser. The leaves turn purple very early, usually only half way through flowering. It smells like berries and chocolate at the end of flowering. Tora Bora is yet to hit the shelves at Green Dream but many anticipate this strain to deliver a subdued psychoactive effect while emphasizing terpenes and wide-spectrum relief. This strain was awarded Best CBD Flower in the 2015 Denver High Times Cannabis Cup.

Good Medicine: 1-1.5:1 CBD

Good Medicine was bred by Bodhi Seeds in California and is a Harlequin female, Appalachian male cross. Bodhi developed such knockout high-THC strains like Prayer Tower, Buddha’s Hand and Tigers Milk. Good Medicine is one of the bushiest plants in the garden with softly serrated egg shaped leaves. It produces huge colas for its small stature. When selected, our phenotype was originally named Happy 10 due to the preliminary flower tests coming out at 10% CBD and 10% THC. The ripened flowers smell fruity with musky, earthy after tones. Green Dream flowers and concentrate grown and produced by Green Dot Labs are commonly featured on the menu.

Medicine Woman:  13:1 CBD

Medicine Woman is a very vigorous sativa strain. Its origins come from a confidential CBD breeding project of which details are very limited. Because the plant grows and looks like hemp, the gardeners at Green Dream speculate that it was a high CBD hemp female that was pollinated with desirable traits to grow indoors. Medicine Woman is very stretchy with sparse sativa leaves, stalks strong enough to break lopper blades, and buds that finish in 12 weeks or later. The best time to harvest for peak cannabinoids is at day 60, or at 8 weeks, well before it is done flowering. Therefore, the flowers aren’t featured at Green Dream but the strain is entirely reserved for oil production. Medicine Woman featured at Green Dream is activated and extracted with CO2 by Oil Stix. Medicine Woman carries a lemon zest perfume and could contain a significant amount of the mood-lifting terpene, limonene.

Charlotte’s Web: 20:1 CBD

Charlotte’s Web was made famous by Charlotte Figi, a child who experienced a dramatic decrease in the frequency of her seizures after consuming cannabis oil extracted from this strain. In the garden, Charlotte’s Web is officially the slowest growing plant in the garden. It has very unique leaves. Charlotte’s Web has a genetic abnormality that causes the leaves to be heavily variegated, or striped with shades of white yellow and green, which could be an indicator of why it grows so slow. It can’t photosynthesize properly. Charlotte’s Web grows like a pure Afghan, short and stout with non-fibrous stalks. Ironically, it as far from the traditional hemp sativa structure as you could achieve, but the flowers are still CBD rich. The flowers smell like purple candy Now-and- Laters and finish covered in trichomes. There is a very interesting back story about the cut. It is not technically the famous Charlotte’s Web, also known as R4 when it was selected from the Stanley Brothers breeding project. It is actually R5, a sister seed from the same project with the exact same parents. Almost an identical twin, R5 has a very similar growth pattern and cannabinoid spectrum to R4. Hence, it is still called Charlotte’s Web just as there are numerous Chem Dawgs, Skunks and other strains that are ordered numerically. Charlotte’s Web from Green Dream is available as pure CO2 oil extracted by Oil Stix. At 80% cannabinoids per gram of concentrate, and grown without synthetic pesticides or fungicides this is the purest CBD product available at Green Dream.

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